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VEHICLE 300x300American LandMaster has a rich history in the off-road vehicle manufacturing industry. Formerly Brister’s Design & Manufacturing and Manco Powersports, both domestic manufacturers were founded almost 60 years ago and joined in 2007 to create a powerhouse company called American SportWorks. As champions in a variety of channels, Manco, Bristers and later American SportWorks pioneered many of the dealer and retail standards that exist today. In 2012 our ownership changed to Ambassador Enter prises, a for-profit philanthropic investment group. The Company decided to rebrand to American LandMaster to better align with our customers, and today we are proudly building our products for the glory of God and to make lives easier.

The Landstar line of utility vehicles are built on a full steel chassis, giving you the ultimate workhorse utility vehicle. If you're looking for an affordable, durable machine to get your tasks done, the Landstar vehicle is a prime choice.

At American LandMaster, our belief is that we are called to build UTVs and Karts for the Glory of God. This outward focus leads to our vision of making life easier for our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our community. This vision is the basis for every decision that we make at American LandMaster. Our mission to reach this vision is accomplished by an intentional effort encompassing three key pillars; our people, our commitment and our care.

We believe that to grow a business we must grow our people; in our hearts, our heads and our hands. We believe that relational effectiveness drives organizational results and thus each team member embraces three key character traits; being humble, hungry and people smart. We set high expectations of ourselves and will challenge and affirm each other when opportunities arise. We encourage an environment that allows each team member to be assertive and cooperative so that we always get the best ideas on the table and, ultimately, into our vehicles.

We are committed to three returns; the building of God’s kingdom, the improvement of mankind, and delivering financial sustainability. We use our growth play book as our strategic plan. We aspire to be “market driving” – to know our customer’s needs even before they realize what they are, and to be “customer driven” – that their voice is all that really matters. Continuous improvement is at the forefront of our efforts each day as we strive with a sense of urgency to always be right and fast.

We care by supporting our team as well as offering local, regional and, eventually, global outreach where we can intentionally serve in our community by using our time, talent, treasure, testimony and temperament. We are always seeking new ways to partner with our community to help those that are less fortunate so that they can live more fulfilling lives.

We believe that trust is the foundation for everything we do at ALM; our trust in each other and our trust in the Lord. It is how we work better together, it’s how we get the right ideas on the table, it’s why we are comfortable challenging each other and it’s why we know that we will succeed at American LandMaster.